TF-ATMON - Toolchain for Atmospheric measurement by drones

Public part of the TF-ATMON tool product. In case you need more details, please contact ThunderFly s.r.o. with a request. Generic information you could find in the TF-ATMON fact sheet

See the following video for a demonstration flight of a particulate matter sensor mounted on TF-G2 autogyro and looking for smoke atmospheric pollution source.

TF-ATMON particulate matter sensing demonstration

Vendor information

ThunderFly TF-ATMON is commercially available as a service from ThunderFly s.r.o., write an email to to request more details.

TF-ATMON compatible devices

The following table summarises existing (in production) sensor devices. Other sensors are under testing.

Device identificationData typeDescription
TFPM01 and TFPM021Particulate matter sensors
TFHT012Humidity and temperature sensors
THUNDERMILL013Electric field sensors
AIRDOS03 (“UAVDOS”)4Semiconductor-based ionising radiation spectrometers designed for drones
TFCO2015Opto-aucoustic CO2 concentration sensor

Additional sensors could be connected by using the TFUNIPAYLOAD01 hardware, which slightly increases the weight, but does not require to development PX4/Ardupilot-specific sensor driver.

Scientific papers