TFUSBSERIAL01 - USB-C to serial converter with Pixhawk telemetry connectors

The converter is designed to service and debug operations on UAVs. It respects the Pixhawk DS-009 connector standard.



Key features

  • Could be connected to both peripheral or FMUs
  • The FMU and peripheral connectors are separated, therefore there is no need for a special RX/TX cross-cable
  • Could be used for sniffing serial communication on telemetry links between autopilot and its peripheral (Both connectors could be used at once)
  • Supports hardware flow control
  • The power delivered from USB is protected from excess current possibly drawn by peripheral or FMU
  • The accidental power from FMU to USB is protected by reverse diode


Connect the FMU or peripheral device to the corresponding PixHawk connector. The standard serial terminal tools could be used for communication with the devices.


The proper function and cable could be easily tested by connecting the cable between the “to FMU” and “to Peripheral” connectors.

TFUSBSERIAL01 self test

All communication sent by UART is in that case forwarded in the loop. Therefore the cable behaves the same as “local echo”.